You have been seriously injured in a truck accident, and you want to find the top truck accident lawyer in Maryland.

Realizing that you only get one opportunity to be fairly compensated for your life-altering losses, you want to make sure you have the very best truck accident lawyer in Maryland helping you.

As you begin your search, here is an interesting thing to think about.

Most Maryland truck accident lawyers propose the same legal fee in injury cases, a contingent (percentage) fee. And my impression, based on many years of observing Maryland truck accident lawyers, is that most propose the same percentage or, at least, similar percentages.

That means you will pay the same legal fee whether you are represented by a lawyer handling her first case or one who has been successfully getting fair compensation for truck accident victims for decades.

Stated another way, it doesn’t cost any more to get the best. In a truck accident case, you can hire the lawyer equivalent of — let’s say a Ferrari — for the same price you would pay for the lawyer equivalent of — something like a sub-compact.

So that takes us back to the original question: who is the top truck accident lawyer in Maryland?

Unfortunately for you, there is no answer to that question. There are no objective rankings or standards.

But, here is the good news.

There are many good – actually, very good – truck accident lawyers in Maryland.

What you want to do is find the top truck accident lawyer in Maryland for you and your unique case.

To help you in your search, here are the 3 most important things to look for when you need the top truck accident lawyer in Maryland, at least in my opinion:

  1. You want a truck accident lawyer. By that, I mean there are many lawyers who handle truck accident claims as well as divorces, criminal defense, wills and a host of other things. Instead of such a generalist, you want someone who focuses almost all of his time on truck accident claims. I often say that “you want someone whose expertise is an inch wide and a mile deep instead of a mile wide and an inch deep.”

    Maryland lawyers are not allowed to state that we “specialize” in truck accident cases. Instead, we are only able to say that we “concentrate” on those cases. So look for someone who concentrates on truck accident cases.

  2. You want a truck accident lawyer with extensive experience AND SUCCESS in your type of truck accident case.

    Learn the track record of any lawyer you are considering hiring. (You can learn about mine here and here.)

    You may even need a sub-specialist – oops, I mean someone who concentrates on a particular kind of truck accident case, perhaps one that arose in an unusual way or involves uncommon types of injuries.

    As is the case in most areas of life, experience is invaluable for a truck accident lawyer in Maryland. I assure you that, from the lawyer perspective, there is a gigantic difference between handling a fender-bender truck accident case that resulted in tissue strains and sprains and handling a case involving a very serious accident, perhaps multiple defendants and devastating injuries which will affect your client for the rest of their life. For the latter, you want the lawyer equivalent of a concert pianist, not the beginner still mastering chopsticks.

  3. You want someone whose approach – way of doing things – provides the type and level of service you want.

    To my unending surprise, quite a few people consult me for a second opinion because they aren’t getting answers from their current lawyer, or can’t even reach the lawyer. That’s the most common complaint that I hear, lack of responsiveness and communication.

    Don’t let this happen to you. You are entitled to better. Find a lawyer for whom service is a priority and who has a reputation for top notch client relationships.

Overall, find a lawyer who, in addition to a long history of successful results in cases such as yours, is sincere and genuinely concerned about you and who truly wants to serve you. Look for authenticity and transparency.

When you find a lawyer who has the experience, track record and style that fits you and your case, you have definitely found the top truck accident lawyer in Maryland for you.

Final tip: One way to learn what it is like to work with a lawyer is to talk to former clients of that lawyer, or, at least, to read what former clients say about the lawyer. After all, they have the experience to know about the lawyer’s skill and level of service.

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