Maryland Accident And Injury Law Advisor

Welcome to the Maryland Injury Law Advisor — the website of Santa Maria Law Center, a Maryland law firm that concentrates on accident and injury claims. I am accident and injury lawyer Phil Santa Maria.

Whether you have come to this website seeking legal help or just information, I will do my best to make your visit worthwhile.

Here you will find my straightforward and easy-to-understand explanations of various types of accident and injury claims that can be made in Maryland. I discuss claims based on car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents, malpractice, falls, animal bites and defective products. I also describe the claims process and explain what a trial of a Maryland accident and injury claim is like.

For those looking for a lawyer to assist with a claim involving serious injuries, I explain why I might be the right Maryland accident and injury lawyer for cases such as these . . .

“Every client is our only client”

Car Accidents

We handle car accident cases involving serious injuries in every Maryland county.

Focused Practice

Look for a lawyer who concentrates on accident and injury cases. They are all we do.

Truck Accidents

Large rigs that weigh tens of thousands of pounds can cause life-changing damage in an instant.


Over more than 30 years, I have handled thousands of accident and injury cases and recovered millions of dollars for my clients.

Motorcycle Accidents

From my experience riding motorcycles, I know that riding can be as dangerous as it is fun.

Details Matter

Sometimes cases turn on crucial details. We never forget that as we prepare and present your case.

Pedestrian Accidents

Sometimes, walking down the road or across the street can be extremely dangerous.

Client Service

From meetings with you in the hospital or at your home or office through regular reports and telephone accessibility, client service is an obsession with us.

Bicycle Accidents

As someone who has ridden bicycles long distances on the streets, I know how vulnerable riders can be.


Our former clients are the best source of information about how we do things. Be sure to read their testimonials.


Careful evaluation in advance is a key to a successful professional malpractice claim.


While past performance does not guarantee future success, we have had many successes in different types and sizes of cases.


Maryland law concerning liability for falls can be complicated. Seek a lawyer with the experience to help.


Although it is not a goal of ours, we appreciate recognition from professional organizations such as the Million Dollar Advocates Forum.

Death Claims

When someone's careless actions cause a death, legal claims may be part of the healing process.

We care

We guarantee you the same caring and compassionate service we would want for ourselves and our loved ones.